I was thinking for a while if I should attempt to reboot my idea of blogging and sharing some (tech) thoughts with the internet.

But.🤔 This opens so many questions.

What should I share? Where do I start? Wasn’t everything already written down? Can you write? So many questions,…

Could it be right? Well, let’s break it down a bit.

What should I share?

I think my peers, colleagues and friends are in general, very tech-savvy individuals who are keen to learn something new, something that could help them be better, build better products,… Quicker ways of pushing radical ideas from paper to production.

OK. That’s doable. ✅ I’m gonna explore this angle and see if my audience fits into this framework.

Where do I start?

Well. The first step was to find a domain that is short and would be easy to remember. Took me about 15 minutes before I thought of epic.blog. After quick lookup I’ve realised that it’s for sale and that one of the domain resellers is offering it for… … “premium” price. I did some negotiation on the amount and - 🥁 - here it is.

The second step was trivial. Get GitHub Pages up and runnin’ with jekyllrb and push everything to GitHub Repository.

The third step; configure the thing and write about section. Done. ✅

Wasn’t everything already written down?

Yeah, it was. But you haven’t read this stuff before, not like this and not from me. ✅

Can you write?

I’ll do my best and hope Grammarly will help me a bit. ✅

Bottom line.

I’ll start with some tech stories, show some code, share some legends and hopefully you’ll stick around.

Cheers and welcome.