Hello good visitor,

The purpose of this page is to capture, explain and document thinking and ideas about modern web development from its outer layers to depths of distributed computing and computer science.

My name is Oto Brglez, and I’ve been a software engineer, architect, CTO and a manager for the last 15+ years. During this time, I’ve worked on a lot of very different, challenging and exciting projects.

I believe that I’ve now reached a point where I could perhaps share some of my thoughts and ideas with the broader world in a more coordinated manner.

If you’ve read this intro so far and have thoughts, comments or wanna become my friend, please don’t hesitate to get in contact either via @otobrglez or via LinkedIn.

P.s.: If you would like to go deeper into my CV, follow this link 🐇.

P.s.s.: Although I work for many clients; opinions and views on this page are my own.